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Desktops easily get cluttered with cords, cables, and chargers along with all of the gadgets and accessories we use daily. Artifox’s minimalist Desk 01 keeps the clutter at bay with a series of channels, grooves, and built-in docks.



The desktop – available in maple or walnut hardwood – sports a hole through which cords pass into the small chamber just beneath. It’s the perfect size for a power strip to keep all of your electronics charged up.



Surrounding the pass-through hole, a desktop groove acts as a dock for your tablet and phone. A small peg on the desk’s leg even holds your bag, coat, or headphones.



A surprising analog addition adorns the desktop as well: a built-in writeboard that you can order on the left or right-hand side of the desk. The dry erase board eliminates the need for messy paper notes. Extra bonus: the wooden grommet that covers the cord pass-through hole doubles as a handy eraser for the board.