Those lucky enough to live near an IKEA are probably already acquainted with the budget-friendly, easily modified furniture to be found there. The designers of mode:lina architektura & consulting used off-the-shelf products mixed with custom elements to create the Quotel in Poznan, Poland.

The Quotel – a combination of the words “quote” and “hotel” – was created to provide temporary lodging for people attending the Poznan International Fair.

Thanks to its easily replaceable IKEA components, the Quotel exudes a certain homey feeling. The furnishings are not as nice or as solid as those you might find in a conventional hotel, but they are very similar to those you might find in a home.

Nor does the apartment feel exactly like home. The interior balances perfectly between tailored elegance and affordable comfort. It was created especially for the traveler who wants the comforts of home while away from home.

The “quote” part of the rental’s name comes from an obvious place: the words and phrases that adorn the walls. This feature certainly adds to the apartment’s home-like feeling as the artful words replace the bland art typically found in hotel rooms.

The apartment’s IKEA outfitting contributes subtly to the feeling that this place is more of a temporary home than just a hotel room. These familiar IKEA components quietly whisper “home” to us thanks to our seeing these items in catalogs, stores and other homes.