Kurukurunabe Self-Stirring Pot

Sick of having to stand at the stove or sit nearby, waiting to stir things up every few minutes for even cooking and so nothing sticks to your kitchenware? The solution is simple science: use the heat energy already going into your pot to rotate those noodles for you. A self-stirring pot will make your life a lot easier, especially for tricky dishes.

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Japanese company Watanabe Co. is developing a line of stove-top pots that utilizes basic principles of convection (via angle-fluted sides) to turn the water around continuously as heat rises.

Kurukurunabe Self Stirring Pot set
Kurukurunabe Self Stirring Pot in action

Early variants feature a single integrated unit or separate-but-solid pieces – other alternatives include an insert that can be separately cleaned and removed when you want to slow things down a bit, switching from automatic back to manual stirring.

Kurukurunabe Self-Stirring Pot demo

Via OddityMall:

“The Kurukurunabe Self Stirring Pot is a new pot that stirs your food by itself using the boiling water inside of it as its way to stir the pot. The Kurukurunabe Self Stirring Pot was developed by Hideki Watanabe, a dentist from Japan, and has an inner pot that has angled grooves in the side of it that when the water starts boiling it pushes itself around in a circle, this stirring the pot. The self stirring pot is not only great for mixing the contents of your food that is in the pot, but also great for keeping the the pot from boiling over the edge. The pot measures 7 inches across, and was designed to be used only on gas stoves. Check out the self stirring pot in action via the video below.”

One review from an actual user of the pot reads, “Cool pot! It works as advertised, but I just wish they made a smaller version. To make this useful, I have to be cooking soup or something. Otherwise who is going to eat a gallon of sauce? I think the pot is a little too big.”