coral thermochromic pan

If anything in your kitchen should shift colors, a cooking implement seems like a most obvious and useful candidate. Want to know if that pot is too hot to handle before you touch it, or how close to ready your food is? Just take a look at is cool (or rather: warm) color palette.

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coral thermochromic pan hot

Accompanied by an easy-to-remove detachable handle, guests as well as the cook can enjoy the shifting colored patterns on this pot by William Spiga & Juliana Martins, which doubles as a serving bowl for mealtime as well.

Following the logic of open flames, the first color to appear is a yellowish orange – followed by a much brighter red when things really heat up. These are particularly visible against the cool blue default background design.

coral thermochromic heat warning pan

“People recognize the kitchen as the soul of the house, from the pans, pots and casseroles the aromas and unique flavors will give a hint of its host.It is the beginning of a meeting or a party or a simple family warmth. Coral is a pan with thermochromic coating and removable handle: provides interaction and communication between the object, user and environment. Designed to surprise and delight, the Coral pan changes color as the temperature of the object increases, in order to alert the user, avoiding burns and accidents in the kitchen.”

“Coral circulates through the environments of the house. It is used in the kitchen and also to serve on the table, offering flexibility of use. The easily removable handle has a plug spring system in a guide in the body of the pan, which allows the user to choose how he wants to use it, with the possibility of being removed during the presentation of the food and reinstated around any point of the object. The pan is part of the meal preparation and meal tasting ritual, enriching this process. The pan’s design was created so that the user interacts with the product in an intuitive way, creating a relationship of affection with it.”