Sliding doors can be sleek, simple, and space-saving divider systems if swings get in your way and decorative hinges are not quite your style. These door designs in particular are made for balancing an elegant contemporary look with a classic style of craft, transforming opaque walls into translucent moving works of modern art.

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Sliding Doors by Raydoor translucent

Semi-transparent, wood-framed, sliding screen doors from Raydoor are much like the classic rice-paper ones of Japan, these models come with a bit of a twist: each individual door has a design, but moving them creates layered 3D patterns out of flat 2D door frames – ever-changing compositions as they slide back and forth in front of one another. A crafty DIYer could probably even make their own variants.


Solid-wood interior door solutions can make for great space and sound dividers, but sometimes it is nice to let some light, air and visibility between adjacent rooms rather than cut them off completely from one another. For people who prefer there art to be part of active design, this provides an integrated interior concept without having to buy artworks or learn how to build display niches in your walls.

Sliding Doors by Raydoor wall style

Raydoor’s selections include artsy transparent sliding doors for all kinds of spaces, with variations like single pocket walls, single sliding doors, sliding walls, stacking walls and bypass doors. All of them create gorgeous transitions from room to room.

Sliding Doors by Raydoor patterned

Here’s some more info about the Bypass style in particular:

“Raydoor sliding bypass doors enable you to design a beautiful art piece that seamlessly reconfigures your space when you need it. Choose between a variety of finishes to create bypass doors that fit perfectly with the surrounding decor, while offering more functionality than ever before.”

Sliding Doors by Raydoor black frame

“Oftentimes, people default to thinking of folding door systems for simple room dividers or light-duty closet doors. Bypass doors are typically an easier solution to use and install and are also usually less expensive. But, don’t let the simplicity of the bypass system distract from how versatile they can be — we’ve configured them for conference room dividers, home offices, buffet areas, and more.”