Sliding interior doors
Good space costs too much money to waste – but bad space can be made better, too. Byproducts of home remodeling or artifacts of upper-level condo construction, unusable corners and awkward ceiling angles may be more workable than they first appear.
Space saving doors
Bartels Doors sells all kinds of doors, but some of their most interesting offerings are in the forms of partitions, pockets and other sliding space saving doors and dividers that hang on walls or slot into hiding places.
Sliding door interior angles
Many of these address common-but-uncomfortable conditions, like a vent hood that would otherwise block kitchen cabinets or the interior angle between open areas. If they are a bit expensive to purchase for most homes, they at least suggest good do-it-yourself strategies for those so inclined.
Others are just clever ways to make a door more than just a door – a window panel, for instance, lets you look in on one selected shelf of books for easy reference and a touch of decor, while mirrored panels (with optional flat-screen TVs) may make a bedroom feel more spacious and open.
Sliding door window panel
Sliding door mirrors

Here’s what the company says about its collection of sliding interior doors:
“We’ve been perfecting our showcase of modern sliding doors for quite some time—it’s no wonder we are the industry leaders. With so many design concepts at your fingertips—such as barn doors, pocket doors, closet doors and room dividers—allow us to be your modern sliding door company. All of our modern sliding interior doors are built to order, in Germany, insuring only the finest quality is being provided.”

“All sliding doors can be shipped nationwide, including Canada. If your product is local, our installation team is available to lend a hand on your door project. Our in house CAD team will be able to pen down all aspects of your design concept to ensure a seamless installation.”