saturn family of wine glasses

If you’ve ever experienced the utter dismay of watching a glass of red wine spill all over your fancy party clothes or, even worse, your light-colored carpet, the Saturn wine glass will seem like a miracle of design. The glass from Super Duper Studio is futuristic looking and can possibly save you from future wine stain disasters.

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tilted red wine saturn glass

The stemless glass has a flat bottom, allowing it to sit upright on a table. But just above the base, it flares out a little to form an even wider second base. That means that, should your obnoxious uncle fling his arm a little too far when telling his latest fishing story, the glass will weeble and wobble and even spin around a bit, but it won’t spill the wine inside. (Sharp-eyed readers will notice that the design has undergone a dramatic change from its previous iteration.)

empty saturn glass upright

Of course, if you’re really dedicated to spilling the wine, if the glass is hit hard enough to go flying, or if it’s filled too full, wine will inevitably slosh out. But in normal circumstances, like someone clumsily backing into a table, the space-age design is stable enough to save your white tablecloth. Even better, they stack easily so cleaning up after a party is simple.

Saturn rocks glass in hand

Wine afficionados will undoubtedly notice that the lack of a stem and the shape of the glass will alter the optimal taste of the wine. Casual wine drinkers probably won’t notice a difference, though. Each glass is hand-made through a careful and rather exhaustive process, and they’re priced accordingly at $52 each. A set of $52 wine glasses will undoubtedly cost less than replacing a wine-stained carpet, though.

“The Saturn Glass is the original spill proof wine glass. The first of its kind, the stemless Saturn Glass’s contemporary design is a mix of Italian and Scandinavian glass blowing traditions which feels at home both while cosying up after work, or while hosting formal guests. “