saturn red wine glass

Wine glasses may be designed to look elegant and optimize flavor-enhancing air flow, but with those top-heavy goblets teetering on such a thin base, they’re an accident waiting to happen. The ingenious Saturn Wine Glass by Christopher Yamane of Fragile Studios eliminates the risk of impossible-to-remove wine stains with a design that makes the glass virtually unspillable.

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saturn red wine glass unspillable

Made from a single piece of glass, the Saturn Wine Glass features a rim that prevents it from turning over if you knock into it. Yamane used traditional glass-blowing techniques to give the stemless glass its signature Saturn-like ring, folding a bubble of glass and trapping air within it.

saturn red wine glass leaning

The rim also acts as a fill line, so servings are perfect every time. It might take a while to get used to holding this glass in the palm of your hand, but it’s worth the assurance that you won’t end up with a dress covered in Shiraz.

Saturn white wine glass

“The Saturn glass is the original spill proof wine glass. First of its kind, the stemless Saturn glass’s contemporary design is a mix of Italian and Scandinavian glass blowing traditions which feels at home both while cozying up after work, or while hosting formal guests. The Saturn red wine glass holds one large restaurant-sized pour of wine (6oz) while staying spill safe. Because it stands upright, its unspillable nature quickly fades into the background, but is always there when you really need it, ready to catch itself from an over enthusiastic gesture or misplaced elbow.”

“Every Saturn glass is blown and cut by master craftsmen in the Czech Republic giving it a quality that machines can’t match and a personal touch that can only be imbued by hand. The material is thickest at the bottom and gradually gets thinner toward the mouth of the glass to make it feel sturdy in the hand, but delicate as it touches your lip.”