Using a monochrome palette of carved then burnt or bleached wood, Jim Partridge and Liz Walmsley paired up to produce some striking artworks.  Over the last twenty two years they have created installations and furniture for galleries, gardens and public spaces.

Massive chunks of wood are hewn into impressive and pleasing shapes that are tactile, warm and  hardwearing. Aiming for “work with a strong but quiet presence”, they create massive pieces of furniture with a feel that is ambient, strong and surprisingly comfortable.


With work in many iconic collections including London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and the Manchester Art Gallery, UK the pair have quietly produced a strong aesthetic presence. From the scorching of green oak to produce a tactile, black finish to the bleaching of wood to create clean, calming lines their output epitomises simple yet bold elegance.

This wooden chair and side table combines rustic charm with an atmosphere redolent of spooky fairytales. Runaway children meet witches and befuddled grandmas in a setting that inspires confidence and comfort – yet with a distinct edge.

Jim Partridge’s wooden vessels follow his typical aesthetic of scorched and bleached oak, carved into  sophisticated yet simple shapes. Reflecting the flow and grain of  natural wood, fashioned in black or white they are pared down to reveal their own, inner organic beauty.


From crudely carved chairs that would be right at home in ‘Game of Thrones’ to a carved altar at Christchurch Cathedral in Oxford, England, Jim Partridge and Liz Warmsley have brought the imagined implements of myth and folklore to impressive, solid life.

This scorched oak rocker would fit right into the helm of a Viking longboat, or be the perfect seat for a legendary king – or perhaps that befuddled grandma of fairytale could rock herself to sleep, in a woodland hovel surrounded by stalking wolves and goblins.

And surely the three bears would be happy to serve Goldilocks her porridge from vessels just like these?