Tarkett Karpett

The best of both worlds, this rolling rug system lets you have your hardwood floors and enjoy the benefits of a variable-length, multi-purpose soft surface on demand.

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Tarkett Karpett rolled up

5.5. Designers (aka CinqCinq) is a french firm created KARPETT for TARKETT, as a platform for “exercising, playing with the kids, sitting at your computer or taking a phone call stretched out on your back,” providing comfort that is “palpable, available, usable, [and] always ready.”

Tarkett Karpett unrolled

Naps, picnics, you name it and you can roll this easy-clean surface out for it – then, rather than stuffing it in a closet when not in use, it becomes a seating element off to the side when not deployed in flat ground-cover form. Major bonus: not having to vacuum a carpet all the time, or have it professionally cleaned when it inevitably gets gross.

It’s a clever solution that emphasizes the need for more adaptable home furnishings, especially as urban houses and apartments grow smaller and smaller.

Tarkett Karpett rolled as bench

Of the KARPETT design, the studio says:

“It was because we practice many activities directly on the floor that we felt the need to create a floor covering that gives the floor an additional dimension. Exercising, playing with your children, settling in with your computer or making a phone call while leaning up against your couch are some of the spontaneous actions that could use some support.”

“The ‘Tarkett Confort’ assembly is an object in itself. On first glance, it looks like a bench, but it is in fact a distributor of comfort. Comfort that can be touched, accessed and consumed, and which is always available. When a friend stays over, it becomes an unrollable guest bed; at playtime, the children need only unroll their favorite play mat; a TV dinner is planned on short notice, and the Karpett can simply be unfurled to become a comfortable seating area.”