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Rooms lacking walls and built-in surfaces may not provide much privacy, but they enable boundless flexibility, so the occupants can use them however they like. Tokyo-based Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop envisions the House in Kashiwa as a ‘container’ that organizes living spaces without constricting or defining their purpose.
Container for Living 2
Container for Living 4
Within the main volume, four wooden two-story boxes are angled toward a central open space. Full-height glazed walls allow sunlight to pour into the entire structure, including each individual room. The first floor of each box can function as a kitchen, bathroom, work space or bedroom, while the second level has been left ‘blank.’
Container for Living 3
The idea is that clothes, kitchen goods and hobby-related items can be freely placed, so that if the family’s needs change, they can simply switch the rooms around. For example, the arrival of a baby during the design stage required no change in plans, since there were already so many undefined spaces available.
Container for Living 5

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The glazed walls and interior boxes are angled so that they frame views trees or the sky rather than a neighboring house, providing some sense of privacy despite the extremely open design.