oooms roadkill carpet

Tactless, tasteless … or strangely cute and compelling? Sure, it is a roadkill carpet and, taken too literally, is quite a disturbing site, but take a step back for a moment: it is also a rather artistic asymmetrical rug design – a mix of stark colors on a simple, square gray surface.

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roadkill carpet oooms in a room

Designed to tread a fine line between “attractive and repulsive” this carpet is at once intriguing (and its splatter spots almost seem to invite a nap – almost). Whether or not you want it decorating your living room, this rug is certainly a one-of-a-kind textile design.

roadkill carpet oooms detail

“Do you know the feeling that you do not want to take a look at something, but you still do? The Roadkill carpet is a continuous struggle between attraction and repulsion. It’s a warm, soft, cuddly carpet that attracts you to take a nap on it. But at the same time its a repulsive image of a car-flattened, bloody fox.”

OOOMS is no stranger to attention-grabbing designs, but the funny thing is, their usual creations are about as far as you can get from rugs. They specialize in artistic yet functional knives, and that’s the bulk of what they produce, but have dabbled in other interior goods like lamps, puzzle boards, USB sticks, birdhouses and other quirky designs.

oooms circular saw knife

“For OOOMS the process of making kitchen knives is as interesting as the outcome itself. The craftsmanship, working with metal and fire as well as looking for creative solutions with recycled materials is what thrives them. Discarded circular saw blades create a perfect base for a new knife blade. The carbon steel is hammered, heated and carefully designed into a razor sharp knife that cuts through grapes like butter. The handles of the kitchen knives are made from broken skateboards, scraps of kitchen tops and even 2000-year-old wood.”