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The busiest shopping week of the year just passed us by, and yet … no recommendations from Dornob? Well, here is an unusual one on behalf of a friend, colleague and former teacher who helped build a unique (previously-featured) desk: how about a beautiful retro-styled, hand-crafted, high-end iPad accessory you can play a key part in making a manufactured reality?

Paula Anne Patterson is well on her way to turning a one-time (birthday present) prototype into a full line of makes for various iPad, iPhone and iPod touch models. Using Kickstarter, she is accepting pledges to help buy tools and materials. In exchange, donors are given a variety of nifty items (up to and including a V-luxe of their own and smaller items for non-iPad-but-Apple fans) for helping get this project off the ground.

In the past, Dornob has contributed to such Kickstarter projects as a mobile shopping-cart shelter and a hand-crafted yurt. In both of those cases, though, the funds went toward financing a first round – and not to someone who this editor has watched first-hand toil over every last design detail from concept to execution.

In this instance, too, the stakes are a bit higher as Paula heads into the second stage of production- and since this forms the basis of her larger endeavor: BKNY design. So, if you are game to give a little this holiday season (and perhaps get something back), go ahead and lend her a hand!