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From colorful paintings and detailed line drawings of delivery trucks and mobile homes to actual full-scale bike-and-shopping-cart camper construction projects, artist and designer Kevin Cyr seems (healthily) obsessed with portable housing and mobile living. In his own unique creations, he manages to pack impressive amenities (bed, lighting, storage and much more) into the smallest of interior spaces.
mobile trailer home pictures
His first full-size project – a creative camper bike creation – is an uncanny small-scale replica of a typical mobile home. In fact, it is arguably more surreal for this remarkable resemblance to conventional car-attached campers, complete with faux wood siding, simple windows and basic door. He has sketched, painted and drawn the work in addition to photographing the finished product in action.
mobile fold out tent camper

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But wait: it is no coincidence that Dornob is covering this design when it is. Kevin is currently raising funds here to complete his latest project. No pressure, but by way of disclosure: upon finding his work-in-progress the author of this very article felt compelled (without being requested) to contribute some cash to the cause (and in return will be receiving an artistic print of the final camper upon its finished construction should it reach its funding goal).