Owners of classic cars must suffer terribly if their vehicle becomes simply too rusted, dusted and dilapidated to survive any longer. But like treasures from a sinking ship,the Weld House is making an art out of recycling trash: converting old car parts into beautiful new furniture designs.


In some cases the rust and weather patterns on the metal are enough to make for an incredibly unique piece of custom-built furniture, while in other instances there is already some form of art present on the vehicle which becomes memorialized in the resulting work.


When polished and finished, one might never guess the origins of these amazing pieces – primarily tables – and suspect they were the result of some kind of intentional process designed to create more visual interest and variety on the surfaces.


Of course, the results come in as many colors and shades as cars do so each piece tends to be quite different from the next. While the Weld House primarily specializes in simple tables they have also experimented with storage units, bed frames and other designs.


So who is behind all of this? “We are a small company specializing in handmade steel furniture. Our passion is delivering functional works of art that have a rich American history. By combining the colorful, reclaimed sheetmetal of 20+ year old American automobiles with the attention to detail and heavy gauge tubing from The Weld House, you end up with an heirloom quality piece of furniture that is truly one-of-a-kind.”