The premise of this small design-build firm is simple: almost everything you could want or need to build a new house is already in a a disused or abandoned building … so why not harvest 99% of your materials from such sources?

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Tiny Texas Houses builds custom homes and advises people on finding and reusing materials as well. “A generation of housing materials already harvested, sliced, diced, formed, and proven healthy, toxin free, priced for human energy is available in this country.  Materials that are 100% American grown, mined, smelted, formed, and created with pride when we had such in our craftsmanship, and built to last for centuries.”

If you just take the materials that are freely offered and turn them into tiny organic cottages, few would have a need in your Loved-Ones-Circle. Most could live off-grid, and if you choose to build a few extras, you will always have an income, a free gardener off for taking some houses and using the part to create your future out of. Why not?”

tiny texas houses scrap

The creations of Brad Kit­tel are eclectic, often rustic and peppered with various regional styles, both as a mode of creative expression and a simple byproduct of the materials found and re-purposed in the building process.

unique handmade tiny houses

The entire venture was an outgrowth of Kittel’s architectural salvage business, which morphed into creating recycled architecture but also providing plans to people who want to build their own house. His own custom creations are delivered anywhere in the US, often transported and assembled in a matter of just a few days.

Tiny Texas Houses is no longer open for the business of building and selling houses that would be shipped away from us to you.  Tiny Texas Houses still builds organic sustainable cottages and House Art at Salvage, Texas for the BnB and those few who get to live in Paradise. “