Every generation pushes the limits of what’s acceptable to wear, and today, people are more comfortable than ever sharing their bodies in public. Garments that would have been unthinkably scandalous even a few years ago are gaining traction, as people take more ownership of their social identities and sexual freedom.

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These changes rarely happen without comment from society. Fashion used to instigate uprisings and outrage, from the flapper dresses of the 1920s to the women’s trousers of the 30s, the wild zoot suits of the 40s and 50s, the denim jeans and daring miniskirts of the 60s, and the gaudy flower-powered fashions of the 70s. But that doesn’t stop designers from coming up with some of the weirdest clothes and accessories imaginable—nor does it stop at least a few people from trying them out.

Here are just a few outrageous styles you might see on the streets (or at least at the beach) sometime in the near future:

Velvet Swimwear

person wearing green velvet bikini

Velvet has long been reserved for special occasions, but it’s now making a splash as the “it” fabric for swimwear. The silhouette of each velvet swimsuit may vary, from classic one-piece styles to strappy bikinis. If you thought velvet teddies were daring, hang on to your pearls, because this bathing suit trend is certainly hot.

Harness Shorts

The exact advantage of these “shorts,” may be in question, but that’s a moot point when it comes to fashion. High-waists are in vogue right now, and these shorts also have cutouts on all sides. Even the leanest body will curve out a bit under the fabric, accentuating its humanity. Maybe “Bulges Are Beautiful” will be the new runway mantra!

Ultra Narrow Bodysuits

person wearing lacy white body suit with dress pants and patterned jacket

For under $25, you can pick up a garment with hints of both lingerie and sportswear. Some people find them uncomfortable, but others love the freedom of motion and the daring lines. These garments can be great in hotter weather, and fit naturally into the trend of wearing body suits in combination with some comfy pants, playing with our perception of the line between public and private.

Jeans with Mesh Sides

The fashionable high waist of these jeans makes them a cool power piece, while the sparkly, see-through sides convey a youthful exuberance. Expect to see designers find increasingly creative ways to incorporate layered visibility into their styles.

Transparent Garments

This trend takes that instinct to its natural extreme—full visibility. As cultural confidence grows, clear hats and jackets are giving way to shirts and even pants made from transparent materials, for a look that says “I love my body, and I do things my own way.”

Gridline Pants

These leg-shaped frames are made of tiny strips of fake leather. Their deconstructed design has an industrial, post-modern feel, revealing rather than covering the shapes of the human beneath. Like the other items here, they make a bold statement about the confidence of the person wearing them, and hint at expectations that the world will get even warmer in the years ahead.