polaroid living plant photograph
No, not that kind of pot … but not that type of photo either for that matter. The classic instant-print photograph we all know and love combined with an unconventional approach to the classic hanging potted plant – two familiar household concepts combined by designer Jung Hwajin in a new way. The resulting ‘photo pot’ and living, breathing and growing plant within it are more than simple home decor or the sum of their parts.
polaroid plant pot concept

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Unlike the immediate 2D photographic images we are used to or the typical 3D rounded pot design, this idea synthesizes the second, third and fourth dimension of time together in one productS ee it straight on and it could be a still, unmoving image suspended in a frame. Viewed from the side or while spinning slowly around and it become three-dimensional. Finally, of course, it also changes as it grows from a simple seed into a full-fledged plant over the days, weeks and months after it is hung.