To call this ingenious plant potting idea a clever contemporary design would be an understatement. The simple inversion of typical round planter is space-saving, sure, and sustainable to be certain (since it saves water) – but best of all: yes, your plants will hang in a pot suspended upside-down from the ceiling (or even quite literally off the wall).

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These planters by Boskke are simple and round, black and white – they are almost intentionally generic to emphasize the eccentricity of their inversion. They require water a fraction as frequently as normal right-side-up potted plants. How does it work? A disk holds the hanging plant and soil in place and the process of pouring water in the pot from above is suddenly mess-free as well.

upside-down sky planter herbs

“You can have a room full of plants but the minute you hang one upside-down, boom: 💥 You’ve done something pretty magical with your space. Remembering to water your plants can weigh on your mind but our Sky Planters have an internal reservoir that will keep your beloved greens hydrated for up to two weeks. We try to design planters that let the plant be the hero… because plants are heroes. The Sky Planter’s simple and classic colors will harmonize with any space while the plant can do the heavy lifting.”

upside-down sky planter top

About Boskke

Boskke cofounder and designer, Patrick Morris grew up in rural New Zealand and learned to throw pots from his dad, Anthony Morris. While later attending Central Saint Martin’s in London, Patrick developed the first upside-down planter. It was called Antipode – a fitting name for a planter that basically pointed down to the other side of the earth, a constant reminder of our home.”


We don’t want to greenwash or pretend we are the most sustainable small business because we are not. But, we do use repurposed plastic (scraps from the floor) to make our products and work with a family owned and operated ceramic factory in Sri Lanka. We don’t come out with new products every season “just because” and all new products must be made better.”