Wheelbarrow bench

While it is utterly pragmatic there is something quite elegant about this simple wooden bench design. The ordinary bench shape is transected by an angular element with a wheel, of all things, attached to the end.

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On the one hand, this looks like more of an afterthought than a design element. On the other hand, it adds visual complexity and functionality to what is otherwise a rather simplistic bench form.

mobile bench design

Whether or not the aesthetic is up your alley, you have to admit this would be a useful invention for enabling individuals to move benches without assistance – only one person is required to place this dynamic seat in a new location.

From the designer Rogier Martens’ website:

“About the ‘Wheelbench’

A mobile bench, made of oak wood with a built-in wheelbarrow wheel. The surprising combination of familiar elements strengthens the active outdoor feel of the bench.

portable bench on ice

Rogier Martens about the Wheelbench: “Moving a bench with two people has always been a chore… This is a bench you can easily manoeuvre into position. The eye-catching wheel is an invitation to find the best spot. An invitation to be active, to create your world the way you want it, time and time again.

The ‘Wheelbench’ is part of the ‘Weltevree‘ collection.

Product title: Wheelbench
Design: Rogier Martens
Client: Weltevree
Size: 160 x 45 x 45 CM
Material: Oak wood with a built-in wheelbarrow wheel.”

The “Weltevree” collection is a series of high quality products made with a high standard of craftsmanship.

“Our products ask for an active approach and come to life through usage and engagement. Although we have a love for beautiful things that are well made, we strongly believe life is about what you experience, not what you own.”

“Each Weltevree product is made to support these experiences all year round. Our products are made with durability in mind and are made of honest materials that last a lifetime. A transparent production process and experienced partners are a crucial part in order to accomplish this. We make well-considered choices and keep challenging ourselves to create inspiring, long-lasting products.”