Storing and transporting wheelchairs has traditionally been a rather frustrating task – even folding wheelchairs still have enormous wheels that won’t fit into airplane luggage compartments, small cars or small rooms without a struggle. The Morph Folding Wheel from Vitamins Design in London will change that and revolutionize wheelchairs.

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Morph folding wheel for wheelchairs compact

Morph is the world’s first folding wheelchair wheel. When in the open position, the wheel takes up 22 liters of space. But when folded, it only occupies 12 liters of space. The folded wheel is small enough to fit into an easily carry-able bag, and at 7.5 pounds each they are light enough to be carried by most people.

Morph folding wheel for wheelchairs portable

The folding wheels use a standard rubber tire on their outer rims, requiring no special order parts when the tire treads get worn. The lightweight composite material used for the wheel itself is tough enough to afford a pair of the wheels a 300 pound weight limit.

Morph folding wheel for wheelchairs wheelchair

The wheel was originally designed for folding bikes to allow the bikes to have larger wheels. But once the project gained attention, the wheelchair community embraced the idea and the Morph was redesigned for wheelchair users. And finally, people who have been using “folding” wheelchairs for years will have a chair that can easily and quickly fold up small enough to go anywhere. The wheel will be manufactured by Maddak.

Morph folding wheel for wheelchairs

“At Maddak we are dedicated to developing innovative products to help the daily lives of the disability community, and we could not be more proud to announce the launch of Morph Wheels. After years of product testing and extensive conversation with the community, we were able to develop a product designed for active, on-the-go wheelchair users. I truly believe that once someone has a set of Morph Wheels they will be amazed at how they simplify travel and enhance storage options.” said Kathleen Hanek, Director of Operations and Product Management at Maddak Inc.