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The smaller the space you have to work with, the more each piece of furniture has to count. Bulky, heavy, stationary furniture that only serves one purpose severely limits the functionality of a room. Multipurpose or transforming pieces are the way to go – like this clever workstation by Joe Manus.
Pi Workstation Multifunctional 2
Pi Workstation is a compact desk for small spaces with a sleek look in a natural or ebony wood finish with a black, white or steel base. An extension on one end offers extra seating. That bench could be used for additional books or display of other objects, too.
Pi Workstation Multifunctional 3

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Remove the small bookshelf, and the desk becomes a dining table for two. The design was inspired by turn-of-the-century schoolhouse desks, and is, as Manus  describes it, “3.14159 options in one and endlessly cool.”