corner standing computer station

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This desk design is a tad timid, barely more than a corner cabinet or standing workstation at first glance. More than a mere podium or laptop tower, however, it unfolds on all sides to make for a surprisingly well-packed place to stand, work, lean and play.

compact corner computer desk

Within a contemporary, simple modern frame, a colorful mixture of paint and wood veneer call out various drawers, cabinets and other hidden functionality tucked inside the tight structural confines of this multipurpose object. An illuminated pull-out top shelf comes complete with mousepad, side shelves, sockets for printers, projectors and computer charging cables.

corner compact computer desk

Set on wheels, this all-in-one workstation is mobile and designed by Sarah Meier to work for anything from computing and reading to meeting and lecturing. While it might look cramped for some of these conditions, it would be a great small-space office solution for workers with even less than a cubicle to work within.