It seems like just a year or two ago that 3D printing was a brand new idea known only to those keeping a watchful eye on innovative tech for the future. Nonetheless, that technology has quickly become available on a global scale, with many small models now being available at affordable prices for home use. And while more people might be able to craft lightweight components for remote housing and game pieces in the comfort of their own living rooms, 3D printing is about to see another major advancement with the introduction of Phiz: the world’s smallest 3D scanner that you can use on your phone or laptop.

The Phiz 3D Scanner's accompanying turntable and smartphone attachment

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Phiz is basically software that taps into the quality camera equipment already built into your smartphone. To scan an item, simply place your object onto the Phiz’ accompanying turntable, where the camera reads over 1.7 million data points for accuracy. A built-in algorithm then further optimizes your image. In less than three minutes, Phiz generates a print-ready 3D scan. It even adjusts white light to compensate for color washing so you’ll get a vibrant, brightly-colored model every time.

While it’s convenient to have a scanner right on your phone, it’s not really valuable if it doesn’t do a quality job. That’s why the designers over at KIRI Innovation want to make your work easier and your play more fun, with accuracy and ease of use built right into their design. Phiz scans produce results with an accuracy of 0.2 millimeters, while the adaptable scan range and adjustable focal length allow you to recreate objects between 15 millimeters and .4 meters in height.

GIFs demonstrating the Phiz 3D scanner in action

GIFs demonstrating the Phiz 3D scanner in action

GIFs demonstrating the Phiz 3D scanner in action

In addition to your phone or computer and accompanying Phiz turntable, you’ll also need a Phiz Beacon (phone attachment) or Phiz Bezel (laptop attachment) to complete your scans. Once a scan is fully rendered in the software, you’ll be able to print an exact replica of the object or send the data to your computer, where you can play with the design elements to make something completely unique.

Phiz is compatible with all 3D printers currently on the market. For a completely digital experience, you can even import your scans into AR and VR. Imagine scanning an action figure, making custom adjustments to it in the app, and then importing it directly into virtual reality. The future really is here.

The Phiz 3D scanneralulows you to convert completed scans into AR/VR simulations

3D design and printing is an artform, and because of that, the creators of Phiz want you to be able to share your work, so they’ve also designed a platform explicitly for that purpose. According to an official press release, “KIRI Hub will be the home for sculptors, artists, and 3D technology enthusiasts. Imagine a place to find all the cool figurines for 3D printing, and the models are provided by real sculptors, artists, researchers, and engineers who use Phiz to digitize their work.”

The Phiz 3D Scanner's accompanying smartphone app

The Phiz scanner technology and related ANET N4 3D printer are currently available via Kickstarter pledges, with the official campaign ending Friday, November 22nd, 2019. At the time of writing, $175,000 has already been pledged towards the $53,087 goal, with additional rewards available for investors if even bigger stretch goals are reached. The team expects the first 1,000 units to start shipping in December.