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Keeping track of your daily prescriptions is a chore, even if you only have a few to manage. If your memory isn’t great, you might forget between morning and evening whether you’ve taken a certain medication at the correct time that day. PillPack is a revolutionary service that will do all of the hard work for you, keeping track of your prescriptions and even reminding you of the time you need to take them.

mail delivered pouches of medications

The online pharmacy charges $20 per month for its service, plus the co-pays for your medications. You give them your prescription information, and every two weeks you get a neat little package in the mail containing a roll of little packets which you tear off one at a time. Each packet contains the pills you need to take and is even marked with the date and time they are to be taken, eliminating any guesswork on your part.

pill pack mail order prescription service

There’s also no worrying about running out of refills and going without medicines while you wait for your doctor to phone in the information. The company also offers a service called Proactive Refill Management, in which a pharmacist will ensure that your medications get refilled on time. Currently, the service only serves 31 states with its mail service, but residents of all 50 states can get their PillPacks over the counter.