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People have found all kinds of creative ways to display the photos that they hold dear to them, but if you can make these decorative objects functional they will be doubly treasured. The photo wall clock tutorial from Photojojo gives detailed instructions to help you do just that.

Creating this beautiful piece of functional wall art takes a bit of planning, but not much hard labor. Simply pick out 12 treasured photos with frames, map out your desired layout, and assemble a clock kit from a craft store. Then hang it all on the wall for a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Figuring out which photos make the cut might be the hardest part of all. Some ideas: photos of you or a family member from every year of school from first grade to senior year; pictures of places you’ve vacationed; or nature pictures arranged by season.

This low-cost project would also be exceptionally beautiful – and personal – with a selection of your favorite small pieces of art. As long as they can be framed and coordinated with the size of the clock kit, just about any images could be used. For detailed instructions visit the project page on Photojojo.