Cats, as lovely as they are, have a bad habit of planting themselves atop exactly the thing you need to use at that moment. They seem particularly drawn to everything on your desk – especially a warm laptop or an important stack of papers. The CATable from Lycs Architecture and designer Ruan Hao might be a fix for this perennial problem.

desk with channels and holes for cats

The desk provides a flat surface for humans to work on along with a series of holes and tunnels for cats to explore and play in. Whiskers can enjoy the inner workings of the wooden table while you get your work done without having to constantly pick her up and put her back on the floor.

cat hiding places desk

desk with cat hiding places

The only problem that you might face with the CATable is that watching cats pop in and out of hiding places is really, really distracting. Cat lovers know that a feline is never as happy as when it is exploring small spaces, and watching that pure joy of a little pointy-eared head popping up in different places along the table’s interior channels might mean that you get a lot less work done.