Recycled desk by Kann
Patchwork isn’t a word we usually associate with furniture, but this eco-friendly style works with more materials than just your grandmother’s quilted textiles. When bringing together reclaimed and recycled wood from different sources into a new product, what you get is unique by its very nature. In this case, the vibe is a bit more urban professional than ’70s hippie.
Somewhat mid-century sensibilities inform the shapes of these creative furniture designs, but what really sets them apart is the variegated strips of wooden refuse given new purpose on their surfaces.
Desk made of patchwork wood
Designed by Kann, which is known for its minimalist, midcentury modern inspired furniture, this recycled wood office set includes a desk, sideboard and shelving unit that combine basic white and numerous shades and species of wood in each piece.
Kann sideboard design
On surfaces of use, the collaged elements are sanded smooth and finished accordingly, while on the sides of the desk, for instance, a rough three-dimensionality remains for effect. In turn, support and contrast pieces – the vertical elements in the bookcase, trim and secondary sides on the desk and sideboar, provide a neutral point of contrast for the mixed woods.
Kann recycled series

“Created in Beit Chabab, Lebanon in 1958 by Kanaan, the father of Houssam (Kann’s founder), our workshop is the foundation of Kann’s project. The know-how perfected by its craftsmen is our heritage and strength. The collective, headed by Kann, is a melting pot of independent craftsmen. Carpenters, welders, upholsterers, painters & weavers that work hand in hand to make our quality furniture. They are the Kann makers.”
“As an editor, Kann materializes designers’ ideas and drawings. Since its creation, Kann’s project is bringing together talented designers who share the same vision of contemporary design. Directed by Houssam, Meghedi & Rudy, this is where ideas, colours, creations & designs are elaborated to develop the recognizable Kann Design Collection.”