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Retro chic can only take you so far, and truly classic Turkish rugs … well, eventually they break down beyond the possibility of repair. Taking a Frankenteinian approach, designers at Limited Edition have created a series of area carpets that (somewhat literally) tie together the past and the present.

Cut, treated, died and woven back together, the patchwork results feature new hues layered over old antique textiles, providing the result with a sense of aesthetic unity through a more-uniform color.

At the same time, visible seams, mismatched sizes and color options spanning the rainbow from warm yellow, orange and red to cooler blue, green and purple (as well as gray and black) all help maintain the feel of something handmade, artistic and unique.

Of course, one could take a cue from this set and simply start accumulating old rugs at estate and garage sales to do this DIY style. There is, for instance, no reason one couldn’t also make the patched product shaped perfectly to fit a space – wall-to-wall built-in carpeting, with a twist.

Other patchwork-type textiles from Limited Edition include natural-fur floor covers and sewn-together, linear-strip leather wall works, each of which go a step beyond decor in defining layouts and enhancing interior space designs, depending on ones willingness to go with leathers.