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As this unusual residence by Pedro Gadanho (images by Fernando Guerra) reveals, complexity does not have to mean using unusual colors or complex color schemes – highlighting already-unusual architectural elements in primary colors calls out the function of each place and the connections between internal spaces.


Inspired by Pop Art and the Transformers, Gadanho gives an incredibly life to the various geometries that come together to form this interior living-and-dining set of spaces. Red, the color of passion, takes residents to the master bedroom. A mellower blue connects the living area to the kitchen.


So what drove this angular and offbeat design? The family within is not quite nuclear: it consists, instead, of a father and his children. And what does that mean for the home’s design? That it must double as a kind of bachelor pad and a playful set of spaces for the kids – a combination of single adult and child aesthetics and functions.


Once one moves beyond the common areas, too, the colors dwindle in favor of a more light and bright white for personal spaces (such as bedrooms) that are more designed for rest and relaxation