Haute couture fashion shows are always windows into the souls of top-billed designers. Without the constraints of mass-production, cost, or even practicality, their imaginations can roam free, producing runway pieces that let us glimpse into their current personal and world views. In that freedom, designers seemed to strike upon similar themes in many cases this year. Here are some of the trends we spotted at the July 4th through 7th Paris Haute Couture Autumn/Winter Week.


Fendi model sports a metallic dress for July's Paris Fashion Week 2022.

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Giambattista Valli model sports a metallic dress for July's Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Nicole Kidman sports a metallic Balenciaga dress for Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Designers are mad about metallics again, perhaps craving the flair and excitement lacking in most of our lives during the pandemic. Silvers, golds, and many other shiny hues were embraced in collections like Fendi’s, which featured a a green-and-gold evening gown with a pattern reminiscent of a cracked dinosaur egg. Similarly, Giambattista Valli softened a silver sheath dress with a fluffy pink boa, and Balenciaga draped Nicole Kidman in what looks like it could have been a giant astronaut tarp.


Dior model sports a dress covered in Ukrainian peasant flower motifs for Paris Fashion Week July 2022.

CHanel model sports a retro floral-print dress for Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Rahul Mirsha model wears a bold floral=print dress with oversized sleeves.

This Ellie Saab-designed dress from Paris Fashion Week 2022 combined the event's prominent metallic and floral trends.

Schiaparelli-designed dress at Paris Fashion Week 2022 combines the event's prominent metallic and floral themes.

Flowers and floral trends were equally big. Dior showcased traditional Ukrainian peasant flower motifs on one dress to show solidarity with the besieged country. Chanel featured a retro pattern with daisies in mint and pastel pink. Rahul Mishra placed giant orange poppies on oversized sleeves. And plenty of designers combined floral themes with metallics, like Elie Saab, who dropped an enormous silver rose on the shoulder of a sleek evening gown, and Schiaparelli, who adorned a gold-stranded bodice and skirt with lily and posy epaulets.

Oversized Jackets

 Viktor & Rolf model sports an oversized jacket for Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Oversized pantsuit by Fendi at Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Sleeveless Trench Coat by Maison Margiela at Paris Fashion Week 2022.

With their models swimming in ridiculously oversized jackets, perhaps some designers were hinting at their pandemic-induced feelings of wanting to hide from the outside world. Or maybe it’s a tribute to the sense of being dwarfed by our circumstances. Viktor & Rolf created an entire collection of suits and dresses with shoulder lines twice their normal size, and Fendi sported a tan overcoat and pant suit that comfortably hid the figure all the way to the ground. Maison Margiela also debuted a sleeveless, metallic trench coat that’s narrowest point started at the shoulders.

Organic Shapes

Amorphous, avant-garde dress by Iris Van Herpen at Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Bush-like drape by Rahul Mishra at Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Several designers played around with amorphous shapes, revealing a need to think outside the box of quarantining. For example, Iris Van Herpen created an angel-esque form out of wisps of white-to-teal strings. And Rahul Mishra crafted a bush-like drape composed of delicate metallic ivy and flowers.

Chunky Platform Shoes

Pregnant Gaultier models sport combat-style boots at Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Stéphane Rolland model sports a candy apple red dress and platform shoes at Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Models from almost every designer strolled the catwalk in extra-chunky, sometimes geometric, platform footwear. Gaultier’s cone-breasted pregnant figures wore combat style boots with five-inch silver soles, while Stéphane Rolland put one of his models in candy-apple red, hourglass-shaped platform heels (and hot dog earrings).


Chanel model sports a black and white dress for Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Giambattista Valli model sports a 50s-style white skirt for July's Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Many designers included an all-white getup of some sort, perhaps a nod to the fresh start we have all sought after the past few years. Chanel created a chiffon tent with wispy black feathers, while Giambattista sent a model out in a 1950’s-style full white skirt and tailored ivory blouse.

While you aren’t likely to see these fashion artworks on the street anytime soon, there is a good chance this fall and winter’s wearables will feature hints and elements of this year’s Paris Fashion Week trends.