OROS Outerwear

Most people don’t make a connection between space travel and the fabric used to make their clothes. OROS Apparel, however, depends on its proprietary “NASA-inspired insulation technology” for its high-end outerwear.

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The designers say that their jackets are thinner and warmer than those of their competitors and that they even incorporate built-in four-way-stretch material to provide maximum flexibility for active people. 

OROS Outerwear

OROS developed its unique “SolarCore” material by studying NASA and its pioneering use of high-tech fabrics. The company then used its research to invent its own aerogel based on the insulation technology used in space shuttles and astronauts’ suits. Its designers explain: “SolarCore is a breathable insulation that maintains its thermal performance both under compression and when wet, something your old goose-down jacket can’t compete against” — and as hikers and other outdoorsy types can attest to, breathability is key to keeping dry and comfortable on winter adventures.

oros jacket
Woman in Oros outdoor gear

Want to see how an OROS jacket stands up to extreme cold? The design team took one over to a warehouse to conduct exactly that experiment. One brave soul wore the jacket while the other team members blasted them with liquid nitrogen, bringing its outside temperature down to a staggering -321 degrees Fahrenheit. Thankfully, the OROS guinea pig in the jacket was still nice and warm — the temperature inside the jacket registered a comfortable 89 degrees.

Women's Oros pullover
Women's Oros leggings
White Oros Jacket

We doubt that you’ll ever need protection from cold that severe, but OROS gear will certainly make any icy blasts of windchill feel like things of the past.

We’ve mentioned the OROS jackets, but it’s important to note that the company actually offers two different styles of outerwear: The “Orion” parka “is [their] warmest, toughest piece, built and tested to conquer the world’s harshest environments.” It has a waterproof shell, sealed arms, and is equipped with SolarCore insulation throughout. You’ll probably be taking things like gloves, sunglasses, and your phone with you wherever you go, so you’ll also appreciate the parka’s six exterior and two interior pockets. Plus, we like the fact that you can detach the hood if the need arises.

Men's Oros waterproof pants
Men's Oros waterproof jacket

The “Discovery” jacket, a model that’s a little lighter than the Orion, is wind-resistant and water-repellent. It has SolarCore insulation built into its body sections and synthetic insulation in the sleeves. Think of it as the jacket you’ll grab for that quick walk to the grocery store or a casual hike in the fall or winter. We see it as the perfect piece of commuter outerwear.
OROS also makes vests and mid-layers like fleeces and quarter-zip tops look great under other jackets or on their own in milder weather. Runners and cyclists will no doubt love their comfortable fit, flat seams, and overall breathability.

To make things even better, your legs can also enjoy OROS’ SolarCore technology. The company has designed snow pants for all genders and insulated leggings specifically for women. The leggings are made for outdoor athletic pursuits, with the insulation and four-way stretch making them practical and stylish all at once.

“Practical,” “stylish,” and “warm” — pretty good words for winter apparel in our book.