moisture repellent shirt
Have you ever had to throw away a piece of clothing that you loved because of a stubborn stain that just wouldn’t come out, no matter how hard you tried? Believe it or not, throwing away clothing and making new clothing is a huge environmental burden. Young entrepreneur Aamir Patel is set to change the world with an invention that will keep your clothes clean and dry at all times.
water repelling shirt
The Silic Shirt is made of a hydrophobic material that was inspired by the recently-released superhydrophobic spray-on coating NeverWet. He tried it out on a shirt and eventually started to feel dizzy and ill, so he decided to create his own version. The Silic Shirt has silica bonded right into the fabric so that it looks and feels just like any other T-shirt.
hydrophobic shirt

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Unlike other coatings which wash off in the laundry, the Silic shirt can be washed up to 80 times without diminishing its water-repelling properties. But since it repels moisture, sweat, and spills, it needs to be washed far less frequently than other shirts. Even wearing it to the gym won’t cause it to become stinky and dirty like other shirts because it’s anti-microbial as well as moisture repellent.

Patel went to Kickstarter to fund his project and sailed way past his initial $20,000 USD goal in less than a day. Each shirt is $48, but when you consider that you can once again wear white while eating spaghetti it seems completely worth the price tag.