Designers prefer to think about a whole composition than a single piece, yet the way home hardware works does not always lend itself to this approach. Take the classic dichotomy of door+handle, for example – no matter how classic or modern, these are generally considered separate objects.

Albed has taken a slightly different approach, dispensing with knobs altogether and building the opening-and-closing functionality straight into the cores of doors themselves. ?Now if only they could do something about those hinges, too (so cleverly concealed but no doubt still there when the doors are opened).

From recessed pull handles (and push buttons) to curved built-in handles that seem to fold out of the surface, these designers have developed a line of (both real working and concept models) that illustrate various other ways to reconsider the age-old relationship of major opening and minor fixture. Fad, trend or timeless design? Hard to say – we will see how people feel about getting so closely in touch with their everyday door.