Ergon space saving door from above

Imagine using half as much space for a doorway yet being able to open it in both directions – and all on smooth invisible track with concealed inset hinges that doors seem to float on air. This brilliant door hinge system is so simple and useful it seems uncanny that similar home hardware not used in every house in the world.

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ergon slim door
Ergon space saving door

Seriously – check out how it works. How is this not far more well known than it is? 

Push or pull and the Ergon door will spring to the side as it moves in or out, ending up flush and perpendicular with the adjacent door frame. From the offset paths it traces as seen from above it is impressive how much space is saved either way. The inset hinge and steel slider system sit inline with the door and are thus invisible most of the time and minimalist when exposed. It comes in double door and closet door styles, too.

Ergon door hinge
Ergon double doors

“The ERGON® Living system is swinging-sliding door opening hardware that reduces the overall sizes of the threshold by 50%, expanding the living space without the need for masonry work.‎”

“Thanks to the simultaneous rotating and translating movement, the space occupied by the door is reduced by half compared to traditional systems, thus eliminating threshold problems while increasing the living and furnishing possibilities.‎ Its revolutionary technology solves space management problems and improves movement between the various interior rooms, thanks to the double-sided opening and a push function that is simple and easy like that of any swing door.‎”

“Through the double-sided push open function, the ERGON® Living system is suitable for both private and public premises, meeting the problems related to the escape routes and the needs of disabled people using wheelchairs.‎ Moreover, ERGON® Living swinging-sliding technology is a valid alternative even in premises already structured and in use, because it does not require masonry work or additional costs compared to traditional opening systems.‎”