open frame home

Revealing the inner workings and structural underpinnings of the London home, this reformatted layout features wood and plywood in an unusually open way and thus also provides more natural light throughout.

open frame walls skylights

Jonathan Tuckey Design¬†added skylights and open-frame walls and ceilings to help inside spaces feel expansive, connected and illuminated. Reminiscent of Frank Gehry’s Santa Monica home, the result is an expressive articulation of building elements normally hidden from view.

open frame interior spaces

Exposed brick and steel help reinforce the effect of showing off the materials in the house, while also making it feel both vintage and contemporary at the same time.

open frame joists refab

open frame plywood wall

Strategically applied in certain rooms (like a restful library or office nook), plywood paneling provides some visual relief from the highly-articulated material details found throughout most of the renovated building.