Scheisse pendant lamp main

The light bulb is such a familiar icon that it is almost painful to see it so deformed – sure to give any visitor a start and at least force them to do one double-take.

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Scheisse pendant lamp faces

Hans Bleken Rud used 3D models to take and break the initial form of a typical bulb shape, pulling and pushing pieces apart, then reconnecting them with thin lines of support. He titles the end result is called “Scheisse …” feel free to translate that from German if you need to.

Scheisse pendant lamp

The result is an effective blend of the ‘bare bulb’ industrial aesthetic and a quirky artistic surprise sure to impress clients of offbeat companies in warehouse lofts.

Want one of these cool and unusual lamps for your own home or workplace? The Scheisse pendant lamp is available for sale through Interior Deluxe for $1,968 USD.

Scheisse pendant lamp hanging

“The Scheisse Pendant Light by Northern Lighting has been designed by Hans Bleken Rud. Scheisse is a large pendant lamp. The lamp pays respect to the traditional incandescent light bulb, which with its warm light and good colour reflection, has given light to our households for so many years. The classic light bulb is one of man’s most important inventions. Unfortunately it si inefficient, which creates challenges in our threatened environment. The Scheisse Pendant light by Northern Lighting features the shape of a broken bulb. The original lamp is made of aluminium and steel lacquered in matt white. The lamping comes with 1 X E27 max 200W Incandescent.”

Scheisse pendant lamp white

“Hans Bleken Rud (born 1980) is a Norwegian Industrial Designer. He began his studies at the Art and Design college in Asker, Norway and later graduated with a Masters in Industrial Design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. His career has been focused towards various projects related to lighting and light design. He now works as a professional lighting designer for Glamox as.”