recycled home renovation

Many of us fantasize about living in a wide-open old loft warehouse space converted into a contemporary condo – but designed without compromising its history and industrial aesthetic. Reusing public city infrastructure from guard rails to highway dividers and bridge supports, this three-story townhouse manages to achieve this same level of creative urban cool in somewhat different fashion.

recycled home project

Trash to treasure: tossed-out steel doors, railings and structural elements were brought back to life through orange paint. Wood and glass doors and windows were also taken from discarded waste piles. The home itself reuses parts of the original foundation on the site.

recycled material house

recycled steel house

Open spaces, numerous windows and a light well reinforce the overall eco-friendly-but-industrial concept of this combination remodel-and-rebuild project by Studio A77, bringing in sunlight as well as natural ventilation while exposing many cross-room views of the warehouse-like spaces and structures.