ecocapsule off grid living

There was a time when living off the grid means sourcing and installing hard-to-find specialty equipment. With an increased interest in small homes and off-grid living, there are now plenty of pre-assembled options for folks who want to cut the power cord. The Ecocapsule from Nice Architects is one of the most attractive and efficient.

exterior ecocapsule

self contained remote living pod

The small pod-shaped home packs a lot of functionality into a very small space. According to the architects, two people can live in the capsule which measures 4.45 meters long, 2.25 meters wide, and 2.55 meters tall. The Ecocapsule will support the residents for up to a year, depending on its location.

remote location ecocapsules

ecocapsule energy generation methods

With its small size and relatively low weight, the Ecocapsule can be delivered by ship or by truck basically anywhere in the world. It’s powered by a 9,744 watt-hour battery which draws its power from a 750-watt wind turbine and 2.6 square meters of solar panels. An integrated rainwater collection system provides running water, a flushing toilet, and a hot shower.

ecocapsule interior

interior ecocapsule

floorplan ecocapsule

Inside, the Ecocapsule has a small kitchenette, storage, two beds, a dining/working area, two opening windows, and a functional bathroom. Its ability to go nearly anywhere means that researchers or campers can spend long periods of time in remote locations in relative comfort. The Ecocapsule should be available in the last quarter of 2015.