This wonderful woodwork by Kyle Buckner is hard to categorize – contemporary, sure, and custom crafted … but beyond that, these elegantly sculpted tables and chairs seem to span a wide stylistic gap without feeling as if they were created by various designers.

The pieces draw on everything from classic hand-made wood furniture to contemporary metal-and-glass home products, but are unified in terms of quality, finish and abstract form. Using traditional stains on top of modern plywood-bending techniques, some items feature over a hundred layers of carefully-assembled slices used to create their dynamic curves.

In general, there is a kind of expressive, sculptural and retro-modern look to them in terms of their volumes, oak wood and high-gloss finish choices, but at the same time the use of glass and metal is creative and contemporary.

Aside from larger-scale tables and loungers, he has also created smaller coffee and end tables in addition to picture frames, sticking to certain themes but branching out in materiality and abstraction as well.

Much like the coffee tables, curved chairs and other creations themselves, the sales-side approach of this designer/builder is multi-faceted – he offers some things to buyers on a repeating basis, recreating them to fit demand, while others are unique products of client and craftsman interactions.