Hana flower shaped table

The best of many worlds, this wood-and-glass coffee table design by Shige Hasegawa is impressively attractive even at first glance — before you realize how innovative it is in terms of not just style but also sustainability and portability.

Hana Table by Shige Hasegawa

Abstract modern flower table

A series of five identical ‘leaves’ are set together in the shape of an abstract flower. These structural design elements interlock without the need for glue or fasteners – much in the way you overlap the folds on top of a cardboard box to close it, only easier. This makes for an incredibly simple assembly process with very few parts, all of which pack flat for shipping/moving, and almost no labor involved.

Flower table made of wood and glass

The materials are not difficult to come by to the point where this would also make a great do-it-yourself coffee table project. Each ‘leaf’ is simply cut from a sheet of plywood and the simple round glass top sits without any additional elements directly on top, requiring no customization nor even a particular fixed size (so it could easily be recycled from another old glass table, for example). No screws or nails are required, since the plywood petals hold the base together in an interlocking design.

The Hana modern coffee table by Shige Hasegawa got so much attention when it first debuted at Milano Salone (and subsequently on the internet), the artist couldn’t keep up with all the demand. A crowdfunding campaign on Japanese site Greenfunding has now raised enough money from supporters to launch the production of the table at the Tochigi workshop, which will make it available through Italian modern furniture boutiques. They’ve even produced a miniature version of the table that can be used as a fruit bowl during their research and development process. The workshop hopes to bring the art of traditional Japanese wood-bending techniques to new generations and cultures around the world.  Check out how this beautiful flower table is made in the video above.