The best of many worlds, this wood0-and-glass coffee table design by Shige Hasegawa is impressively attractive even at first glance – before you realize how innovative it is in terms of not just style but also sustainability and portability.


A series of five identical ‘leaves’ are set together in the shape of an abstract flower. These structural design elements interlock without the need for glue or fasteners – much in the way you overlap the folds on top of a cardboard box to close it, only easier. This makes for an incredibly simple assembly process with very few parts, all of which pack flat for shipping/moving, and almost no labor involved.


The materials are not difficult to come by to the point where this would also make a great do-it-yourself coffee table project. Each ‘leaf’ is simply cut from a sheet of plywood and the simple round glass top sits without any additional elements directly on top, requiring no customization nor even a particular fixed size (so it could easily be recycled from another old glass table, for example).