1-Ring’s “Moon” is a high-tech multitasker that provides smart home automation while functioning as a security device, too. It’s also a great communication tool, with its 360-degree floating camera enabling you to conference-call colleagues or video-chat with far-away friends and family. It seamlessly bridges the gaps between you and your home and you and your loved ones.

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You can set up the Moon to check on your dog while you’re at work (sorry, Skippy, better keep off the couch), or use it as a handy monitor at night when you want to keep an eye on a sleeping baby. The Moon also has 360-degree day and night vision, and the company’s sound direction detection technology means you’ll get an alert if it detects a dog barking or your baby crying — or if it hears the sound of glass shattering.

How does it do that? Well, the Moon’s been equipped with three high-precision microphones, so it can pinpoint the source and direction of sounds and then turn the camera toward them. It’s floating design makes for easy tracking. The unit also aims to head off would-be burglars with its “Presence Simulation” tool, which tells the Moon to turn on lights and other devices in a realistic manner, so anyone staking out the house thinks someone is actually home.

Moon - 1-RIng

Of course, the Moon helps run your home in less scary ways as well. It monitors indoor temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels. And since it integrates with other devices, it can even take action for you when it processes the external feedback it receives. For instance, it might turn on the air conditioner or adjust the thermostat.

The Moon works with ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth Smart, Philips Hue, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and more, as well as TV and stereo systems.

Moon - 1-RIng

It was a desire for this ultimate connectivity that led inventor Sergo Oganov to develop the product. “I was looking for a comprehensive solution to automate and secure my newly renovated house,” he explains. “Though the market offers a wide range of gadgets, they were offering just a partial solution to my problem.”

You can access all of the Moon’s smart hub features through “Moon Commander,” 1-Ring’s easy-to-use app for Android, IOS, and WatchOS devices.

Moon - 1-RIng
Moon - 1-RIng

If you want to use the device on its own as a regular video camera, it’s no problem. The company thoughtfully placed magnets on the bottom of the camera unit, allowing you to attach it to any magnetic surface. The camera has a 4x digital zoom, and you can either save your footage in Dropbox or another cloud storage service or save it locally on a microSD card.

The Moon also makes for some great eye candy, of course. The unusual floating sphere will attract the attention of guests, and the sleek wireless unit underneath it will help you declutter your life by automating a variety of household and family tasks. It’s available in three colors (Galactic Gray, Moonlight Silver, or Star White), so you can match it to almost any decor.