Studio Seger Chicken Coop Design

Self-sufficiency seems to be a goal for many people these days, even those who live in urban settings. Studio Segers has introduced a line of modular components that can be fitted together to provide city dwellers a place to grow vegetables, raise chickens, make compost, and even store their tools.

Planter and chicken coop in one

The Daily Needs Modular Chicken Coop and Garden is an all-in-one urban farm and modern chicken coop of several parts that can be put together as needed. If you want to plant some veggies in a raised garden, you can use just the gardening module. If you only want a convenient composting bin, you can use the compost module on its own as well.

But when all of the modules are used together, a beautiful thing happens: a compact, efficient mini-farm that can be placed just about anywhere. It configuration and placement are flexible, so you don’t have to have a long wall against which to put all of the pieces in a neat line.

Chicken in modern coop

The residents of an apartment building or co-op could easily purchase the modular system as a group, then use the mini-farm to supplement their nutritional needs. The project could also be a kind of community-building activity that encourages neighbors to work together and become better acquainted.

The units are all meant to be shipped flat to minimize delivery costs. Although the design is a concept and not currently for sale, it did win the Ovam Eco Design Award Pro in 2013. It’s a strong concept that could help not only build communities, but help to build the confidence of would-be farmers who were never sure they could handle a whole garden and chicken coop on their own.

Modern chicken coop design drawing

“City Farming is Booming: Daily Needs Modular Chicken Coop and Garden provides all the components you need to assemble housing for chickens and small pets, raised beds for vegetables, composting bin, and tool shed in a configuration of your choice. Detail: Developed with ‘social (back to basics), ecological (materials and function) and economic (local production) relevance’ in mind. Daily Needs for DoDesign is proud to carry the prestigious Ovam Eco Design Award Pro 2013 (product in development).”