Tokyo urban farm at night

Offering some green relief in a dense and brightly-neoned cityscape, these mini urban farming cubes add visual relief and interest but also provide a functional habitat supplying an adjacent restaurant.

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Tokyo urban farming

Simple iron frames enclose full glazing on all sides so passers by or diners can watch from any side. The growing plants within provide shade and configure exterior space for the restaurant-goers as well.

stacked urban garden volumes
side view of garden modules

Crafted by ON Design Partners, the plan and materials are relatively simple but a useful prototype for those who would seek to add urban greenery with more than one purpose in mind.

Not only is it a cool way to grow food in an urban context, it’s fun to look at, especially after dark. It adds a decorative element even though the greenery is sparse and contained within glass modules. Pull-down ladders appear to be stored above the cubes to access the ones that are stacked on top. Something about them feels particularly well suited to the environment – maybe it’s the way the glass volumes are stacked, mimicking the look of the skyscrapers in the distance.

“An urban farm right in the middle of Roppongi which is the center part of Tokyo. People who visit this place can see the process how vegetables grow and also eat the vegetables at the restaurant right next to this farm.”

Urban garden from above

“This is a place where agriculture and people become close. Glass houses with inorganic iron frame and glass are arranged sterically on a wooden deck just like the surrounding city scape. A farm transported from the country side into the units.”

ON Design Partners is known for creative solutions. Many of its projects are located within Japan, focusing on unconventional solutions for urban living, like a housing community consisting of several tall volumes placed under one big roof, with common areas open to the fresh air.