Whether or not you are comfortable with the hard-edged steel aesthetic of this modern table-and-chairs combination, you have to appreciate the simple elegance with which this furniture set shifts between being a side and central table.


Aptly named The Monolith, this piece is envisioned as a sculptural object when not in use and a dining room table when expanded, though it seems (perhaps) more like a conference table in the office of some kind of high-powered urban professional or firm.


Viewed in that light, this would be a fantastic table for meetings at a design firm that could be converted for evenings and/or open houses to be a central table to house drinks, drawing, models and other functional/displays accessories.


Maybe the more domestic applications of this stark furniture set would be more clear if the designer were to depict the collection in a real-life interior design, surrounded by decorative and functional objects found in a home rather than in a minimalist white background.