space saving coffee table
Most of us enjoy being able to exercise control over our surroundings, down to the built environments we occupy and homes we call our own. For fellow followers of transforming furniture of all kinds, these transforming table designs might seem boring and conventional – or they may be a welcome simple and space-saving relief from the recent influx of complex convertible creations.
space saving collapsible tables
There is one trick to these, one which is both simple to see and easy to use: flat rectangular surfaces slot into place for compact storage when not in use, and pull out to whatever length is required for a given task. No flip-up, fold-down, spin-around secrets, just simple sliding motions to increase or decrease available dining, work or side-table space.
space saving dining room table
These tables from Sculptures-Jeux come in a vast variety of types, heights, colors and layers that slide in and out of a core rectilinear table frame. Some are designed to serve as small nightstands or simple coffee tables while others accommodate seating for a family of six at dinner or work as a sizable home office desk.
space saving fold out table

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Aesthetically, they are tied together through a common theme: accented edges stand out from the surface areas to emphasize the structural independence of each moving part within the whole. Some are colorful while others have toned-down gray-and-black palettes, but in virtually ever example you can immediately see from the contrast how to operate these dynamic furniture designs.