You may remember a certain stellar folding chair from Robert van Embricqs with nesting elements that rise up to create a seat. Now he has made a matching table using the same elegant technological approach.

A series of careful incisions create a pattern that at once hints at function but goes beyond the bare-bones necessity of a set of corner-based legs as well. Wood throughout makes the form paramount and material secondary.

From the designer: “A conscious choice for functionality in design, doesn’t necessarily mean one has to be burdened by conformity, let alone predictability. The Rising Table ignores the cliched notion that a table is little more than a flat surface that is held up by four separate legs. The result is a surprising mixture of fluid design that blends the multifaceted tabletop with the latticework of wooden beams that function as the center of the construct. From there, the table sprouts four wooden beams that hold up the entire construct.”