waiting room furniture collection
There are a few special moments in life where everyone is equal regardless of age, gender, social standing, or any other parameters: when we are waiting. Look around the waiting room in a doctor’s office or in an airport and you’ll see everyone in exactly the same suspended moment in life.
waitingfor waiting room collection
Italian designer Maurizio Bernabei took this momentary equalization into consideration when he designed #waitingfor, a quirky mismatched collection of surfaces and materials that form the basis of a neutral waiting area.
unique patchwork waiting room furniture
As we wait, we tend to reflect, to plan, to retreat into ourselves for just a little while. In this time, we may notice the pattern of the carpet or the weave of the chair on which we sit. #waitingfor gives waiting people a diverse selection of materials, colors, and patterns on which to reflect.
waitingfor tractor seats

The “patchwork” appearance of the #waitingfor set corresponds with the people you find in a waiting room. They are all different, they all have their own stories, but ultimately they are all there for the same reason: to wait.