Take your best selfies istrategy mirror

Love posting endless pictures of yourself online but hate that telltale arm reach in the picture that gives away the fact that you took it yourself? The SELFIE mirror from iStrategyLabs will take pictures of you and then post them to Twitter on your behalf – no cell phone, awkward poses, or even tech knowledge required. Producing your best selfies has never been easier (and you won’t have to take hundreds of shots to get one usable photo).

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Take your best selfies istrategy mirror inside
Take your best selfies istrategy mirror tech

SELFIE (or Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine) looks like a regular bathroom mirror with a medicine cabinet behind it. But if you were to open up that cabinet, you would find a webcam and computer parts instead of aspirin and cough syrup. The inventors used a Mac Mini to power the facial recognition software that realizes when you are smiling and, after one and a half seconds, snaps a picture.

Take your best selfies istrategy mirror on wall
Take your best selfies istrategy mirror rear view

A special decal on the floor in front of the mirror tells you where to stand so the camera can see you. The mirror is lined with two vertical rows of lights. As the camera gets ready to snap a pic, the lights go on in sequence, both to provide a visual cue that a picture is about to be taken and to provide adequate lighting for the snapshot. An audio signal then indicates when a photo has been taken. Without further intervention (or Photoshopping) from you, the picture is posted right to your Twitter account.

The goal of this unique project wasn’t to either encourage or mock selfies. The creators of the SELFIE mirror simply wanted to show what kind of amazing things are possible when you have a great idea, the right hardware and software, and the drive to make it happen. IStrategyLabs encourages you to contact them if you want a SELFIE of your own – and who wouldn’t? Just remember not to be too cheerful when you’re getting ready in the morning or you may end up with a bed-headed, bleary-eyed selfie.