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The world sees us one way – and we see ourselves in reverse. This is the curious curse of classic mirrors, that by their nature reflect an inverted version of ourselves. Sure, there are high-tech ways to solve this problem, but this low-tech, frameless, rectangular metal wall mirror is anything but a high-tech gadget – it is just cleverly beveled to let you look at the ‘real’ you.

This so-called ‘Mirror of Truth’ is constructed of stainless steel and shaped such that it shows a reflected scene just as if you were viewing it from the point of view of the wall-hanging mirror – letters read forward, and your face may surprise you by looking ‘right’ for the first time outside of photographs. The non-decorative design lets you draw your own conclusions and form your own allusions to mirrors of myth and magic.

Hironao Tsuboi created this to be exhibited at the National Museum of Emerging Science of Innovation in Tokyo – it is a combination of simple art, design and science. The square shape is no accident: a round or oval mirror would not work with the required linear cuts, and a large version could only cast the right reflection within a very limited range.

It might not be an ideal bathroom makeup mirror in some ways due to these restrictions, but would give insight as to how you would look to others when you freshen up to go out at night!